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Jan Terri makes a music video

19 06 2009

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I found this bizarre music video from Jan Terri made on a shoestring budget in the 90′s (not the 80′s!) and in my unkind spirit of laughing at people who try in earnest but ending up looking silly, here it is.

My favorite parts are the heavy leather, the window staring, the off-key singing, the hand gestures, the plotless story and the ‘bad’ boyfriend who cruises through a stop sign and parks in a no-parking zone.

These lyrics are going to be stuck in your head for some time now…

I don’t wanna lose you tonight
You’re the only thing that matters
I don’t wanna lose you this way
Just need your love

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Movie’s I’m excited about in 09

12 06 2009

Over a year ago, I did a short list of movies that I was excited about; of the four, only Baba Mama was good. I was going through the trailers for movies at apple and these were the ones that looked like ones I want to catch.

Funny People from Judd Apatow (whose 40 Year Old Virgin I really liked)
Up from Pixar who haven’t released anything but awesome yet.
500 Days of Summer for Joseph Gordon-Levitt in an indie-type romance
Astro Boy because it’s a childhood favorite of mine
Extract from Mike Judge with Jason Bateman – looks funny
The Brothers Bloom has an interesting premise and is made by the guy that did Brick, which I enjoyed for its originality
Moon for Sam Rockwell, who I liked a lot in Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and for sci-fi fun
Away We Go looks like a good summer romantic drama with comedy and even though I dropped the Office, I still have a soft spot for Halpert
The Boat that Rocked for seeing rebels with rock and roll in the 70′s – Heidi will like this one.
The Proposal looked sort of funny, this movie represents my weakest excitement, but it does have Sandra in it for my brother.
The Hangover for real chuckles from the trailer – stick around for the very end of the trailer for an awesome cameo
Julie & Julia for Heidi, I’d gladly skip this one
Taking Woodstock about finding the location for Woodstock is the one Heidi’s most excited about and I wouldn’t mind seeing either.
Bruno looks hilarious and I loved Borat so expectations are high
Toy Story 3 is still a long way away but will be a great addition to the story, I’m sure.
9 looks strange and exciting at the same time
Surrogates teams some futuristic sci fi with Bruce Willis and action – good combo
State of Play is a thriller that looks good – my favorite genre
Stranded is the documentary of the story that the movie Alive was based on
Where the Wild Things Are seems to be an exciting look at a popular book that I read as a kid from Spike Jonze who’s loaded with original talent

We’ll see which of these ones actually turns out to be any good.

Windows BSOD = reinstall

27 05 2009


After a few too many BSOD’s (even Heidi is aware of this term now), I was unable to get my computer to work anymore – I tried a bunch of things (including but not limited to a fresh install, Ubuntu, Puppy Linux, a new hard drive and new DDR2 RAM stick) to no avail.

I then decided to revive my old broken computer instead of trying to fix my newer one in futility. I reluctantly ended up putting Windows back on even though I was really tempted to use Ubuntu. My main holdback to keeping Windows is MSMoney which has a ton of my old financial information in and in a much smaller way, iTunes (though Songbird is going to rid me of that hold).

For my own fun (read: for next time), here’s a list of the programs that I’ve put onto my fresh Windows install already.

Whew! I’ll probably bump into a bunch more software that I ‘need’ but for now, I’m trying to keep my software bloat to a minimum (if I haven’t blown it already).

Next Inspiring Talent

26 04 2009


Here’s the most recent contestant on the British Talent search show to knock the socks off the audience and judges (youtube). I like the Paul Potts guy a little better because he can barely even muster thinking much of himself, so he’s easy to cheer for. Anyways, another nice one to make you feel good.

via cbc, farawaysoclose, digg, youtube and everywhere else the web touches.

DTD complete progress guide

23 09 2008

I thought I'd take a little bit of time to put together all of the games within Desktop Tower Defense and show many I've completed and how many lives I've lost, etc.

Green color on the game name means that I'm satisfied with my progress and don't expect to do much better, otherwise there's room for improvement. Enjoy!:

Game Level Achieved Lives Remaining Completed? Score Picture Map Notes
Easy 30 20 Yes 1789 pic N/A Could have left out the right most Squirt Towers altogether
Medium 50 20 Yes 4971 pic map
Hard 60 20 Yes 7350 pic map Tough to get a perfect score because of the flying boss

Game Level Achieved Lives Remaining Completed? Score Picture Map Notes
The 100 74 0 No 9275 pic N/A I'm pretty sure this is impossible
Speed 50 20 Yes 5492 pic map sold off 3 X Lvl 4 SW in the middle of the maze after Level 49 boss - youtube
15 Towers 50 20 Yes 5574 pic map Tough to get the upgrading just right so the spawms can be contained youtube
Survivor 50 20 Yes 7260 pic map Sold 3 X Lvl 5 Sqt towers in top left; need great timing to get a perfect score youtube
3K Fixed 50 20 Yes 4306 pic map Easily replicatable
No Splash 50 20 Yes 4985 pic map Suits my style pretty well
Splash 8 0 No 110 pic N/A I'm quite certain this level is impossible - need more money per creep killed youtube
Squirts 50 1 Yes 4970 pic map Getting past the first 10 levels is really hard but after that it's not too bad youtube
5 Mins 18 20 Yes 1250 pic map I'm not sure what the minimum is to beat this but I guess I got it
No Sell 50 20 Yes 4985 pic map Not really too hard

Game Level Achieved Lives Remaining Completed? Score pic map Notes
Trickle 50 20 Yes 5492 pic N/A sold off 2 X Level 4 SW in the middle after 49 - very tough to get perfect! youtube
Random 50 20 Yes 4654 pic N/A Can be easy or tough depending on how the random runs
10K Gold 100 10 Yes 22091 pic N/A I 'cheated' and finished this level by juggling - still takes a lot of work but is certainly easier. all 10 guys to get through were aircreeps in the 80's and 90's levels.
Spawns! 50 20 Yes 5970 pic N/A A wandering maze around a power core worked out really well for me
Boxes 50 20 Yes 5860 pic N/A Skip the bash towers and go for all squirts
Cross 50 20 Yes 5552 pic N/A I had 4 X Lvl 4 SW lined on the right side of the cross but sold them after the last boss

White and Nerdy

25 11 2006

A really funny weird Al video that has been stuck in my head for a few days. Link courtesy Lyf.

The Office torrent

21 11 2006

Last week, the Office was super sized which means that my normal PVR didn’t catch the end of it. After searching and finding lots of dud torrents, I found the good one at mininova – thought I’d save you the searching time…

Voice of all Movie Trailers

14 11 2006

Don Lafontaine has the voice you’ll be certain to recognize but a face you haven’t seen – that’s right! It’s the movie trailer voice guy! Not to be confused with the guy who did one of my favorite trailers ever, but he’s still pretty awesome.

Update: Some more info on Don at wikipedia says he DID do the Seinfeld trailer – I guess he is really awesome (awefull actually!)

Update again: seems like wikipedia is full of holes (who knew!) and the Seinfeld guy is actually Hal Douglas, Don’s my second favorite again…

Link via Jeremy :)
Awefull courtesy Benoit :)

Rocket Lincoln Jump

14 11 2006

A crazy guy from Canada builds the worlds then biggest jump to rocket his car 1 mile over the St Lawerence – for some reason his wife is nervous…

Link via Kevin :)

Spiderman 3 trailer

9 11 2006

This is the good trailer, the one that actually shows you things – enjoy!