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Google Music Beta

2 06 2011

I received a beta invitation to Google Music and immediately started uploading my music collection to be able to stream from the cloud to any computer or android phone. This will allow me to have my entire catalog of music (up to 20k tracks!) on google music and listen to anything I want to over my android phone without having to take up a ton of sd card space. As long as I have 3G or Wifi, I’m good; if I don’t, I can have it pre-download whatever I’d like to have it store locally. In my quick tests, I’m excited about what it appears to be able to do – this may allow me to ditch music stored locally – we’ll see…

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Cup after Olympics?

26 05 2011

Do Canadian cities that host the Olympics get the Stanley Cup the following year?

Montreal hosted the Olympics in 1976 and won the Stanley Cup in 1977.
Calgary hosted the Olympics in 1988 and won the Stanley Cup in 1989
Vancouver hosted the Olympics in 2010 and will win in 2011?!?!

It appears to be a trend!

Bill Mayer on Christians loving their enemies

20 05 2011

I’m not really a Bill Mayer fan but in this clip he calls out Christians to live up to the high standard of Christ.

New Rule! If you’re a Christian who supports killing your enemies and torture, you have to come up with a new name for yourself.

If you ignore every single thing that Jesus commanded you to do… you are not Christ’s followers, you’re just fans.”

Levee, hanging out, saving stuff

19 05 2011

from dailymail.co.uk

Amid all the flooding along the Mississippi River, it’s a beautiful thing to see a levee that’s working just like it should.

Know Jesus… Know Aloha!

16 04 2011

When we were in Hawai’i 6 years ago, we saw this sticker on the announcement board of a church that we walked past. Heidi loves the Hawai’ian culture and we have really latched onto the word and concept of Aloha (meaning affection, love, peace, compassion and mercy), even giving it to our daughter for a middle name.

I was scouring the net for these same stickers to get for Heidi but came up with nothing. I eventually decided to get buttons made (from Jesse at Custom Band Buttons, who was great) for her birthday but since the smallest order is a 50 pack, she also gets to share her ‘Aloha’ spirit with a bunch of other people.

Noisy House

15 04 2011

Noise in the house from Matthew H on Vimeo.

A couple times in the last couple weeks, we’ve had a strange noise in our house that we couldn’t quite figure out (video above) – was it the furnace, the electrical, water, animals?? So confusing?

Well, we found out what it was, check here for the answer:

What a pecker! I’m not sure what kind of bird that is exactly, but here’s his song if you want to help me identify him.

Habs and Canucks in Playoffs

13 04 2011

The NHL playoffs are now upon us and my two favorite teams, the Habs and the Canucks have both made the cut, the latter in spectacular fashion as they got the President’s Trophy for being at the top of the whole league. Fortunately for me, I’m not going to have to pick which team to cheer for as my two teams couldn’t possibly meet until the Stanley Cup Final which is a long shot, so for now, I’m happy with my split loyalty.

I’ve probably lost a heavenly jewel in my crown for the image above, but I don’t think I needed that one anyway. In both Montreal and Vancouver, Jesus (and televised political debates) take a back seat to hockey.

Habs are in, Leafs are out

6 04 2011

Nothing could be better for a Habs fan, to make the playoffs and have the Maple Leafs not make it in. All is as it should be.

Heatman Stitching Complete

2 04 2011

It took me almost 3 months which was by far the longest, but I finally finished heatman’s stage so I’m 5/8 done the boss scenes; 3 more to go! Next up is woodman.

See all my megaman stuff here.

Greetings from Rat-ster

1 04 2011

We found an April Fools Rat on our car windshield this morning. I was eating breakfast thinking that was an awfully rat looking branch that landed on our car and later confirmed its rat-ness when taking the garbage to the curb. I left it on the car so Heidi and the kids could see it as well and a little while later Heidi comes and gets me to take a look at ‘something’ and Saff is raving about how there’s a rat with “red eyes!” on our car.

Thanks Luke B, I imagine this was your work.